“Bowie and Bolan boys and girls. The still Young Dudes and the rolled gold new seekers The tree of lifers and the warrior healers. The rouged, the lip-smackin’ angel-headed lip-glossed star-crossed up and down and down and outers, chiselled cheek-boned cherry pouters. The disenfranchised sit-down-next-to-me Generation Xers. The weird the wonderful, the Weird and Gilling, the va va vamps and the super tramps the 1-2-3s, the 13 blacks, the atomic roosters and the slingbacks.

Transamericans, transmissions, the rollin’ thunder and the new clear fissions. The all or nothing and the children of the revolution. The Delta Beltas, stardust chancers, the crosstown traffics, and the go-go dancers.

The running wild, the kohl-eyed rockers, the tie-dyed parent shockers The up where we belongs, the mirror magnets, the family stone and the enigmatics Ladies and Gentlemen, Brothers and Sisters, Naughty boys and girls, Come Together, Get it on, I give you…”


New Album Cover 2